Philosophy and Overview

The Advanced Research Center for Innovations in Next-Generation Medicine (INGEM) was established in 2017 as the hub for next-generation medicine to bring together the university’s preeminent research capabilities in fields such as information science, basic life sciences, and genomic medicine as the core subject.

INGEM will promote;

- Research based on data science including artificial intelligence to utilize genomic/omics information and other biological information as well as clinical information.

- Research to unravel the relationship among genetic factors, environmental factors, and diseases.

- Human resource development in these fields.

Through these efforts, INGEM aims to contribute to the realization of next-generation medicine based on systems of personalized medicine and prevention.


INGEM is one of the four Core Research Clusters established in Tohoku University and have responsible for next-generation medicine. The eight departments from the university operate INGEM with close collaboration to build a hub for next-generation medicine.

Core Research Cluster

  • Advanced Institute for
    Materials Research
  • Advanced Research
    Center for Spintronics
  • Advanced Research
    Center for Innovations
    in Next-Generation
  • Advanced Research
    Center for Disaster
  • Tohoku University Hospital
  • Graduate School of Medicine
  • Institute of Development, Aging and Cancer
  • Graduate School of Information Sciences
  • Graduate School of Dentistry
  • Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering
  • Tohoku Medical Megabank Organization

Access & Contact


INGEM is located in Seiryo Campus.
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Phone : +81-22-274-2371Phone : +81-22-274-2371
E-mail address : contact[at]ingem.oas.tohoku.ac.jp
(Please replace “[at]” with “@”)

Mailing address :
2-1 Seiryo-machi, Aoba-ku, Sendai, 980-8573, Japan