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Executive Director

Aiming for the development of next-generation medicine

Five years have passed since Tohoku University established the Advanced Research Center for Innovations in Next-Generation Medicine (INGEM) as one of the world’s top research centers. In April 2023, I was appointed as the third Executive Director of the Center, succeeding Dr. Masayuki Yamamoto, who made great efforts in establishing the center, and Dr. Nobuo Yaegashi, who strengthened cooperation among participating departments and dramatically developed the clinical biobank. In collaboration with Deputy Directors Dr. Kengo Kinoshita and Dr. Naoto Ishii, I will continue our mission of “providing world-class research investigating the relationship between genetics, environmental factors, and diseases, and the clinical implementation and dissemination of the results,” and will strive to improve research and education to realize personalized medicine and disease prevention.


Based on the accumulation of experience from the Tohoku Medical Megabank Organization, which has one of the world’s largest integrated biobanks with 150,000 participants, the center has established a clinical biobank that makes extensive use of biospecimens and information from patients at Tohoku University Hospital for cutting-edge research, and has already become one of the leading infrastructures in Japan where almost all departments that handle biospecimens participate. Based on this foundation, we are going to establish a system for the smooth operation and utilization of the clinical biobank, which will be developed in collaboration with Tohoku University Hospital, the Institute of Development, Aging and Cancer, and the Tohoku Medical Megabank Organization, in addition to the Graduate Schools of: Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Biomedical Engineering and Medical Sciences, Information Sciences, and Life Sciences. Through this collaboration, we will bring together the wisdom and collective power of Tohoku University to produce world-class research results and realize social implementation that will benefit society at large.


Based on the vast amount of biospecimens and information we have accumulated, at INGEM, researchers from a wide range of fields will work together to discover new insights and strive to form a world-leading center. We sincerely ask for your support and guidance, as well as your participation.


April, 2023

Hozumi Motohashi

Executive Director

Philosophy and Overview

The Advanced Research Center for Innovations in Next-Generation Medicine (INGEM) was established in 2017 as the hub for next-generation medicine to bring together the university’s preeminent research capabilities in fields such as information science, basic life sciences, and genomic medicine as the core subject.

INGEM will promote;

– Research based on data science including artificial intelligence to utilize genomic/omics information and other biological information as well as clinical information.

– Research to unravel the relationship among genetic factors, environmental factors, and diseases.

– Human resource development in these fields.

Through these efforts, INGEM aims to contribute to the realization of next-generation medicine based on systems of personalized medicine and prevention.


INGEM is one of the five Core Research Clusters established in Tohoku University and have responsible for next-generation medicine. The ten departments from the university operate INGEM with close collaboration to build a hub for next-generation medicine.

Core Research Cluster

  • Advanced Institute for
    Materials Research
  • Center for Science and
    Innovation in Spintronics
  • Advanced Research
    Center for Innovations
    in Next-Generation
  • Advanced Research
    Center for Disaster
  • Tohoku University Hospital
  • Graduate School of Medicine
  • Graduate School of Dentistry
  • Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Graduate School of Engineering
  • Graduate School of Information Sciences
  • Graduate School of Life Sciences
  • Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering
  • Institute of Development, Aging and Cancer
  • Tohoku Medical Megabank Organization


Tohoku University Advanced Research Center for Innovations in Next-Generation Medicine Organization Chart



Executive Directors

Executive Director

Prof. Hozumi Motohashi

Professor, Department of Medical Biochemistry Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine
Professor, Tohoku University Institute of Development, Aging and Cancer Division of Gene Research Gene Expression Regulation

Deputy Executive Director

Prof. Kengo Kinoshita

Deputy Executive Director, Tohoku University Tohoku Medical Megabank Organization
Professor, Department of Systems Bioinformatics Tohoku University Graduate School of Information Sciences

Prof. Naoto Ishii

Dean, Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine
Professor, Division of Microbiology and Immunology Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine

Access & Contact


INGEM is located in Seiryo Campus.

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E-mail address : ingem-contact[at]grp.tohoku.ac.jp
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Phone : +81-22-274-2371

Mailing address :
2-1 Seiryo-machi, Aoba-ku, Sendai, 980-8573, Japan